Glovesheet (fitted sheet) Size Guide

Below are our most commonly requested sizes in our Glovesheet range of fitted sheets. Very often a mattress will be a few cm different from one of our sizes, but our fitted sheets are designed to be stretchy, so you can use the nearest size. Take note that if the size says “up to” and your mattress is longer than the DK stated size, then go for the size above. Also take note of the mattress shape.

DK codeSize NameDesigned for mattress size:ShapeFits Popular Mattresses
Conventional sizes:
RE11Small MosesUp to: 73cm x 30 cmOval / Round EndsMost moses baskets and small prams with round ends.
RE14Large MosesUp to: 78cm x 33 cmOval / Round EndsLarger moses baskets and prams with round ends.
OPramUp to: 80cm x 38 cmRectangleSilver Cross Kensington / Snuzpod* 1 & 2 & Many more.
OLXLarge Pram / CribUp to: 95cm x 40 cmRectangleSilver Cross Balmoral* / Babylo Cozi* / Many other Cribs
TC1Small Travel CotApprox. 95cm x 65 cmRectangleMany travel cots around this size – please measure mattress.
TC2Large Travel CotUp to: 105cm x 75 cmRectangleMany travel cots – please measure mattress.
SSSpace Saver CotApprox. 100 x 52 cmRectangleMost space saver cots.
2CotApprox. 120 x 60 cmRectangleMost standard cots.
2LLarge CotUp to: 127 x 63 cmRectangleOlder / antique Cots.
CBCotbedApprox. 140 x 70 cmRectangleMost standard Cot beds.
5Single BedUp to: 200 x 90 cmRectangleMost Single Beds
Sheets designed to fit a specific mattress:
BBBaby Bay* Special SizeApprox. 81 x 42 cmD- shapeBabybay*
BBMBaby Bay Maxi* Special SizeApprox. 89 x 51 cmD- shapeBabybay Maxi*
SP3SnuzPod* 3 Special SizeApprox. 44 x 80cmRectangleSnuzPod* 3
N2MEBedside CribApprox. 83 x 50 cmRectangleChicco Next2Me*/ LullaGo* & Tutti Bambini Cozee*
MINIStokke Sleepi Mini* Special SizeApprox. 73 x 58 cmOval / Round EndsStokke Sleepi Mini*
SLEEPIStokke Sleepi* Special SizeApprox: 122 x 69 cm / 120 x 70 cmOval / Round EndsStokke Sleepi* / Leander Cot*
JUNIORStokke Junior* Special SizeApprox: 165 x 72 cmOval / Round EndsStokke Junior*
BOORILarge CotbedUp to: 132 x 77 cmRectanglePre-2017 Boori* models.
URBANEShort CotbedApprox. 132 x 70 cmRectangleNewer (2017 onwards) Boori* models.

*Third party trademarks are used solely for size reference and/or compatibility purposes. No further association is intended or implied. This is a DK product designed and made by DK Glovesheets Ltd to fit the specified mattress size.

If you are looking for a size that isn’t listed, please contact us and we will be happy to help.