We wouldn’t be happy to sell a product that hadn’t been fairly produced. We only work with suppliers who adhere to our ethical principles, and employ good working practices. Most of our materials manufacturing and sourcing is done in the UK, and Glovesheets are all made, packed and distributed at our factory in Dormansland, in a friendly family environment.

Our Commitment To Helping Others

DK Glovesheets has been actively involved in aiding charities from the start. We try never to waste any materials that could be used by others. Over the years we have sent at least a hundred tons of cloth pieces that are too small for our use but large enough to be used for medical practices, cleaning and clothes manufacture to third world countries. We have also sent the relevant machinery (about 100 sewing machines) and various other textile equipment to enable the recipients to make these articles of clothing. The countries we have sent these items to have been mainly central and southern Africa, and they have always been gratefully received. We have also helped fund schools and other projects in Ghana. We are well aware of the pitfalls of sending aid to third world countries, and only send goods and aid where we have a known contact to receive and distribute them.