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Glovesheet, the original fitted sheet that “fits like a glove”.

"The sheet that is tailored to fit the mattress like a glove".

At DK Glovesheets Ltd, we have been manufacturing the original fitted sheets in the UK since 1950. Our original design still sets the benchmark for other fitted sheets in terms of fit, quality, and sustainability.

Key features of a DK Fitted Sheet
  1. All Glovesheets are made from top quality 100% combed cotton interlock. Interlock is a premium double sided Jersey with increased quality, softness, thickness and strength. This is one reason they last so well, and means that they should last a number, potentially even a few generations of children. We occasionally have Grandmothers calling the office, because after 30 years of use they think they might need to buy another set!
  2. The deep corners and elastic edge keep them firmly attached to the mattress, without slipping or rucking.
  3. We use a special quality elastic to neatly finish the opening, and allow easy changing of the sheets. This elastic also dries really quickly after washing.

We carefully and responsibly source our cotton yarns, which are then knitted and dyed in the UK, before being turned into exceptional quality sheets in our family run factory in Dormansland, Surrey.