Super Blanket

Cotton is an amazing material, but it has a high environmental cost. Did you know that one t-shirt uses 2700 litres of water to produce? That’s enough to sustain one person for 900 days! (Source WWF). Therefore we believe it should never be wasted, and should always be used to make products that last.

Our buying choices now will affect the future of the planet for our children, so we decided to manufacture the most sustainable cellular blanket we could, making use of our cotton offcuts to ensure the planet’s precious resources are not wasted. The resulting “Super Blanket” has taken a circular journey which we would like to share with you.

Saving waste and water.

Manufacturing Glovesheets creates unavoidable material off-cuts as a by-product, both at the cutting table, and at the sewing machines. These have always been saved and recycled, but we wondered “could we use these to make our blankets?”.

Pallets of white cotton off-cuts ready for recycling. By reprocessing this waste instead of growing new cotton, we estimate these 6 pallets saved 26 million litres of water that would usually be used in irrigation and processing (calculation based on data from the water footprint network).

A new product is born

New recycled yarns

We found a small company that was able to mechanically deconstruct our off-cuts and re-spin the fiber into new blanket yarns, without water or chemicals. We tried a lot of yarn options to ensure we got it right. A small amount of synthetic fiber is added to strengthen the cotton and prolong the lifespan of the blanket. The resulting yarn is beautifully soft yet strong.

This is where the yarn is turned into material.

Back in 2016 we teamed up with our friends at John Spencer, another Family-run company, to weave a unique, fully British, premium organic cotton cellular blanket material. Together we’ve developed a similar material for the Super Blanket, made at home in the UK.

Back to where the story began..

At the end of its circular journey, the woven material returns to our Dormansland factory for final manufacturing. We cut, sew, and pack them here. The finishing touch is the satin trim, which uses baby-safe recycled polyester, made from recycled post-consumer plastic such as water bottles.

As with all DK products, Super Blankets are designed to last. A robust product that doesn’t need replacing has less environmental impact, and saves the consumer money in the long term as well!

We have used minimal simple packaging to protect the blanket. The polybags used are made from 30% recycled plastic. So far polybags are the best option to protect the blanket in transit, so that it doesn’t get damaged or wasted. We wouldn’t want blankets discarded. There is always room for further improvement… we are working on it..

Ask your local stockist for Super Blankets. You can also buy online.