Let us take you on a journey through the production of a DK Organic Glovesheet, from the field, to the highest quality bedding for your child.

Welcome to DK Glovesheets
Grandad in his Bedford Van. Today deliveries are made by lorry or DHL, but he used to drive up and down the country delivering and collecting materials.

Our Working Practices

We try to make the working environment as interesting and pleasant as possible for our production team.
The team have always worked with in a family atmosphere.
The location of the premises of the business make it a real cottage industry, it is found in the center of small Surrey village and acts as part of the local community as all the workers are local.
There is certainly no age, gender, ethnic or religious discrimination in the employment of staff.
We are aware of demands of working parents, offering a flexible and thoughtful approach to working hours.
We prefer to produce high quality products, in a caring working environment, where all workers have equal status.
We always work to order, avoiding the tedious nature of producing the same article for long periods of time.
The working day is split into three sessions, with a coffee break and lunch break, ensuring no one is at the same task for more than two and a half hours.
Workers are paid with quality rather than speed in mind. Our unique quality control results in a return rate of less than 1 in 5000 units.

Materials Used

We source our production components from within the UK if available, and always companies with an ethical and environmental ethos.
Our careful sourcing of materials ensures a very high quality, environmentally friendly and ethical end product, at a very competitive price to our customers.