About DK Glovesheets

Our Mission Statement at DK Glovesheets

In a changing global market, we aim to never lower our standards, to always source materials and labour ethically and locally, to provide the customer with a trustworthy product.

Starting Up: The Beginning of DK Glovesheets

The fitted sheet was invented by the co-founder of the business Mr Yvan de Quay. Already the father of a toddler, he became the proud father of twins, one of whom was an extremely fidgety sleeper, and would wake up entangled in sheets! The need for a secure easy fit bottom sheet for babies and children became apparent, and after several experimental trials the “Glove Sheet”, ” the sheet that fits like a glove” was born.

A company was formed by Mr de Quay and his wife Mrs Margaret de Quay called “Y & M de Quay & Co”, (later changed to a partnership with his son, Bernard de Quay, and daughter in law, Lisa de Quay, called DK Glovesheets). It began with a production unit being set up in north London in 1950, a machine was purchased, material was brought down from the midlands by train and the first fitted sheets, cut by hand with scissors were produced.

Three Generations

Luke, Yvan and Bernard

To this day DK Glovesheets is still a family business, with the addition of Mr Bernard and Mrs Lisa de Quay’s children. Bernard and his son, Luke, now oversee the day to day running of the factory.

Sadly Yvan passed away in 2018, but was still enthusiastically active in the factory until a year before his death.