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The Original DK Glovesheet

“The sheet that is tailored to fit like a glove”.

At DK Glovesheets, we have been manufacturing the original fitted sheets since 1950. Our original sheet design still fits the mattress better than other fitted sheets. The deep corners and elastic edge keep them firmly attached to the mattress, without slipping or rucking. Glovesheets are made from top quality 100% combed cotton interlock, which is far stronger than the single-jersey material used by most other manufacturers, and will last for much longer. It is thicker, and softer to lie on. We carefully and responsibly source our cotton yarns, which are then knitted and dyed in the UK, before being turned into exceptional quality sheets in our family run factory in Surrey.

Glovesheets come in our full range of colours, and sizes to fit most nursery mattresses. If you can’t find the size you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Our Organic Glovesheets are exactly the same as our standard sheets, but are made from 100% Organic cotton interlock. Our Organic yarn is grown in Turkey, without the use of artificial insecticides, pesticides, or fertilisers, using methods that are ecological, economical, and socially sustainable. Methods such as crop rotation and the use of natural means to suppress insect attack are used to maintain the soil fertility and control pests. This helps to promote a healthy environment and maintain biological diversity. GM crops are strictly prohibited.

Like our standard range of Glovesheets, we source the yarn direct from the producer and oversee the entire production process, as it is passed from the knitters in Nottingham to the dyers in Leicester, and finally to our factory. This way we ensure that our sheets are as ethically produced as possible, as well as controlling quality. None of our Glovesheets are chlorine bleached.

Flat & Flannelette Sheets

Our top sheets are made in England from 100% cotton, and are designed to complement the rest of our range of nursery bedding. Flat sheets are a traditional bed sheet, in nursery sizes. Made of a high quality combed cotton fabric, that is lightweight and perfect for the summer, these are ideal to use beneath our 100% cotton cellular blankets.

Flannelette sheets are made from a soft 100% cotton weave that will keep your baby snug and comfortable, especially in the winter. These are ideal to use with our range of blankets.

We also supply duvet covers and pillowcases to match the rest of our bedding range.

Cellular and Fleece Blankets

Our Cellular blankets are made from a cotton weave that is warm, yet breathable. These soft blankets are specially made for DK in Portugal, and are excellent quality. They come in the entire range of DK colours and in sizes to fit most nursery mattresses.

Our Fleece blankets are made from a polyester weave that is exceptionally warm, soft and cosy. They are specially made for DK in England, and are perfect for keeping your baby warm on cold winter nights.

Size Guide

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